The Most Liveable Cities in the World

The Most Liveable Cities in the World

Finding a liveable city to live in is so important for the average person that many are putting off raising children or getting married until they can find the perfect safe space to do it in. Fortunately, ideal cities worldwide offer something unique to anyone who wants to visit them and consider living in them.

The Most Liveable Cities in the World

These are the most livable cities globally, and why they’re ranked how they are!

What Does Livable Mean?

Livable generally means that a city is safe to live in, can accommodate all of someone’s needs, both physically and psychologically, and has a high rating of comfort and happiness in the residents who live there.

Although these places are all rather expensive, it’s worth the higher price tag on living in a place where you don’t have to worry about your children, and you can enjoy feeling like part of a community.  

Toronto, Canada

Toronto has been rated multiple times over as the most diverse city globally, and with that title comes a lot of opportunity for anyone who wants to live there. Crime rates are lower, pay is higher, and most streets are walkable. Although there’s severely cold weather in the winter, in the summer it’s perfectly warm with sandy beaches and fun islands to visit so you can enjoy the heat while it lasts.

This city has more artists per capita than any other city in Canada and offers the chance at something fantastic that you can’t find anywhere else! Toronto is a paradise for anyone who wants it, as long as you can handle the high cost of living.  

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is a fantastic city for anyone who wants to live comfortably. There’s a large range of excellent schools, wonderful restaurants, and endless entertainment that will keep your entire family from ever getting bored. In addition, this is the most progressive city in Japan, and it offers a high-paying job market that will help you succeed while you settle in.

If you don’t speak Japanese, that’s okay! Most people can understand at least a basic level of English, and as you live here, you can learn Japanese on the job. This can be enriching for the entire family.  

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is one of the best places to live for anyone who wants to live greener, and enjoy low crime rates and high employment rates. Although it’s more expensive in some areas than real estate in Toronto, it’s a fantastic place to enjoy the arts and culture and guarantee your kids get a great education.

The laidback lifestyle in Melbourne heavily pushes the idea of a work-play balance, which ensures that you don’t have to stress about your job constantly and can instead take time off to enjoy yourself. This is worth the move; you’ll fall in love with Melbourne in no time!

Your Perfect City Is Out There!

If none of these suit your style or pique your interest: that’s okay! There are countless cities out there that can offer you something just as incredible. 


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